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Home organizing is a thoughtful organization of your home to maximize space and storage. A good organization must above all be practical for you, it allows easy access to your belongings, it helps you save time and gives you peace of mind. Have you ever noticed that when everything is tidy and in the right place, you feel more relaxed and productive? It’s simple, you know you can quickly find what you need. Benefit from our home organization services and reduce the unnecessary weight you carry on your shoulders. By helping you organize any space in your home in a practical and intuitive way, we will ensure that it will be easier for you to keep everything in its place in your everyday life.


Mlle Range-Tout is a young company that specializes in the organization of storage spaces at home. Our goal is to provide you with affordable storage solutions tailored to your needs and lifestyle that will not only keep your various items in place, but they will also allow you to maintain the organization afterwards. No matter which part of your home needs help, we organize everything from closets to kitchen and kids’ rooms.


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Over the past several years, professional organizers have played a key role in filling the growing need to make more time in people’s daily lives. In today’s world, people have much less free time due to their busy schedules. Between work responsibilities and family life, it can be difficult to find any time to organize and manage one’s own priorities.

The goal of a professional organizer is to help you maximize your efficiency and reduce your level of stress. They offer simple yet reliable solutions to help you regain control of your interior space, making it functional and better adapted to your needs. Mlle Range-Tout is fully trained by the National Association of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Professional organizers produce concrete results in people’s lives and in their work. They are a wise investment that can make a real difference in your everyday life.

Mlle Range-Tout offers personalized services and works to transform your space into a perfectly organized and welcoming environment. Drawing on her extensive experience, she can reorganize your interiors by finding the perfect place for each item. You can rely on her expertise to rethink your vestibule, pantry, office, wardrobe or any other space needing simple yet effective storage solutions. Elizabeth also helps you to improve your time management skills. Professional and attentive to your needs, she offers sound advice to help you find balance in your professional or family life.

Professional organization is an ideal solution for people seeking the proper support and motivation to improve their daily lives. Mlle Range-Tout works closely with you to meet all of your organizational needs. She establishes an elaborate and personalized action plan during her working sessions with you. This strategy will determine what changes are needed in order to maximize the potential of your environment.

Mlle Range-Tout is a highly-skilled professional organizer who understands that to improve your quality of life, you need to first be able to thrive in a practical and functional environment. Whether at home or at work, your space should be well organized according to your habits, Mlle Range-Tout is with you every step of the way, giving you that boost you need to maximize your time and the quality of your life!