Our main service is based on a 3-step process. We help you organize your space in a practical and easy way.


    Consultation over the phone and/or at home to discuss needs, goals and expectations. Development of a plan for the organization of the space.

  • Sorting and Reorganizing

    Sorting belongings, installing organizing and storage systems, and assigning a place to each belonging in the newly organized space.

  • Follow-up

    Phone or at home conversation about 1 month after the end of the project.


By analyzing your needs and habits, and discussing your goals and expectations, we will establish a customized plan for the organization of your living space. By keeping these factors in mind, we will maximize the available space. The ultimate goal is to create a convenient storage that will be instinctive to use and easy to maintain.


Sometimes the problem doesn’t come from a lack of space, but rather from keeping things that aren’t useful anymore. In any case, a bit of sorting can’t hurt. Before placing your belongings in their new assigned place, it’s important to sort them out and decide what needs to be kept. We will help you throughout this process in order to avoid accumulating extra objects. The sorting will greatly simplify the organizing process afterwards. It’s also during this step that we add storage accessories or furniture that are sometimes necessary to complete the project. We will help you store your items in their new location, while making sure they are easy to find and access.


About a month after the end of the project, we will follow-up with you on the phone or on site to ensure that the organizing systems and accessories are still suitable for you. It’s important for us that the organization setup fully satisfies you. All you need to do is to keep your new storage system in place. We can also develop a maintenance plan with you over a period of time and at a frequency that is convenient for you to help keep everything in order.

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  • I used Mlle Range-Tout's services to organize my pantry and a small closet. She is very rigorous, ingenious and has an exceptional aesthetic sense. I recommend her to anyone who wants to embellish and make their space practical, airy and inviting. Thank you Mlle Range-Tout!

    Mylène Grégoire Montreal
  • Elizabeth just knew how to find storage items which maximized my existing space to fit me and my daughter's needs. I am glad to have called on Mlle Range-Tout's services. What seemed like an impossible task has been simplified with her planning and great ideas!

    Sofia Montreal
  • Thank you to Mlle Range-Tout for finding ingenious solutions to assign a place to everything in my messy and cluttered entryway. Efficient and professional service. I recommend her without hesitation.

    Amélie Lachine


Consulting Services

This service is ideal for those who live in remote areas or for those who want to sort and organize themselves but just need advice in order to get a good start. In this case, a detailed plan and a list of suggested products will be given to you so you will be able to organize your space at your own pace. Consultations via Skype and Facetime are available.

Express Staging

We can help you prepare your property for sale by quickly storing your belongings to facilitate the taking of photos and to make the space inviting to potential buyers. In addition, we can showcase the storage space available in the important rooms of the property.

Moving and Unpacking Assistance

We will help you reduce the stress of this event by sorting out your belongings and by preparing your boxes for the big day. Afterwards, we will make sure that all your belongings are put in their new location to facilitate your transition.

Family Organization /
Time management

This service is ideal for parents who need a helping hand in order to reconcile work and family, and therefore need to organize all family activities and facilitate daily routines. From planning weekly menus to setting up morning / evening routines and creating a family task chart, we can help you reduce your daily stress and save time.

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